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Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet Outdoor Fresh - Choose Count (Single 160 or 2-Pack 320 ct.)

$ 6.25

Bounce® Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet Outdoor Fresh (2 x 160 ct.) keeps laundry smelling fresh and static free, just by tossing a sheet or two in the dryer. These popular dryer sheets are used in homes and businesses across the country that love the way it makes their washables feel and smell.

About This Pack of Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet Outdoor Fresh

This box comes with two packages of Bounce dryer sheets, each of which contain 160 sheets, for a total of 320 dryer sheets. Use one or two sheets when loading laundry into the dryer and discover dry clothing, linens or bedding that is incredibly soft to the touch, wrinkle free and infused with the lasting scent of Outdoor Fresh, which captures the aromas of fresh springtime air. Per Bounce's instructions, use one dryer sheet in small to medium loads, two for large and full HE dryer loads and three sheets for extra large and full HE loads.

Who Loves Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet Outdoor Fresh?

Anyone who loves clean laundry that smells incredibly, doesn't have wrinkles or static and stays fresh for many, many days. It's a staple in homes across the country, as parents love to use it to clean and freshen their clothing, their kids' clothing, towels, bedding and other washables around the home. When adult kids head off for dorm life, many parents include Bounce dryer sheets in care packages to ensure their kid's clothing, towels and bedding stay looking, feeling and smelling great. It's also popular with restaurants, hotels and other businesses that must wash linens, bedding and towels, especially since guests appreciate the incredibly fresh smell and soft touch that is the hallmark of items dried with Bounce sheets.

What Are Some Unique Uses for Bounce Dryer Sheets?

Bounce Outdoor Fresh dryer sheets may be designed for use in the dryer, but there are so many other fun ways to use these fragrant sheets throughout the home! Here are some other ways to enjoy Bounce freshness:

  • Put a sheet or two behind the blades of a box fan (when it's off, of course!). Every time you run the fan, the incredible Outdoor Fresh smell will fill the room.
  • Place in draws throughout the home, so a burst of freshness fills the atmosphere when the drawer is opened.
  • Keep sheets in luggage to remove mustiness when you open the first time between travels.
  • Remove pet hair from sofas and dust from appliances.

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