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Garlic Powder Member's Mark (21 oz.)

Garlic Powder Member's Mark (21 oz.)

$ 9.75

About this item

  • Pungent garlic flavor and intense garlic taste
  • Great alternative to minced garlic without the noticeable particles
  • Garlic powder removes the work of chopping and peeling fresh garlic
  • Can be mixed with margarine or soft butter for a tasty garlic spread
  • Rehydrates nearly instantly when added to moist recipes


Member's Mark Garlic Powder offers the intense and delicious flavor of garlic without the need to work with fresh garlic in your kitchen. This seasoning can be used to make garlic and herb seasoning that tastes great on everything from Italian dishes to Indian recipes. It can also be used to make spreads, soups and marinades quickly and easily.

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