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Tampax Pearl Unscented Tampons - 96 Count (Choose Regular or Super)

$ 15.96

Tampax Pearl Unscented Tampons, Regular offer the most reliable, regular protection you want right when you need it. Because of this, you'll have far greater peace of mind knowing you will be protected for up to a maximum of 8 hours and that includes even overnight. It is so difficult to find a tampon that provides protection you can rely on. Many claim that they offer this kind of protection but after a trial run, they prove unreliable. Tampax Pearl Unscented Tampons, Regular allow you to have protection and comfort all day every day of your cycle. You can wear them with confidence.

Tampax Pearl Unscented Tampons, Super (96 ct) gives you superior protection plus all-day comfort. Tampax Pearl is one of Tampax's most absorbent and comfortable tampon brands, featuring a special multi-layer design that keeps you protected against leaks, even on your heaviest days. Tampax Pearl also features a rounded, smooth-glide applicator for even greater comfort and confidence.

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