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Twix Chocolate Cookie Bars - 36 Pack (1.79oz.)

$ 27.75


Satisfy your sweet tooth with Twix Chocolate Cookie Bars (1.79 oz., 36 ct.). They offer you a delicious mix of creamy chocolate, chewy caramel and a crunchy center for a satisfying treat.

What's in Twix Chocolate Cookie Bars?

Twix chocolate candy bars are cookies that have been drowned in caramel and then covered with a thick coating of rich, milk chocolate. Each bite offers an enjoyable crispy crunch and a complex fusion of flavor. These chocolate caramel cookie bars are also wonderful to enjoy while on-the-go. They can easily be placed in a pocket, a purse, a backpack or a travel bag to savor anytime.

About this item

  • A delicious cookie coated in milk chocolate and topped with caramel
  • Individually wrapped for resale
  • Ideal for concessions, convenience stores and vending machines

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