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GV 100 Pure Canola Oil, 1 gal

GV 100 Pure Canola Oil, 1 gal

$ 7.34
Great Value Canola Oil is great for frying, baking, making salad dressings, and more! Having a product that mixes well with other ingredients and is light on taste is essential to any kitchen. The delicate aroma and smooth natural essence of this canola oil will make sauteing and stir-frying a breeze. Learn how to make your own mayonnaise, mix up a new dressing or dip, or add a delicate crispy flavor and texture to your favorite homemade deep-fried foods. Our slogan means you get the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, and this canola oil does not disappoint. This one gallon container has a screw top lid and plastic handle for added convenience. Our canola oil is also gluten free, sodium free, and cholesterol free with no preservatives added, so you know you're getting a best-in-class product. When you need a top-quality oil at a bottom-shelf price, reach for Great Value Canola Oil.

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